Our Carehome Service has grown to such a level that we’ve created a dedicated division you’ll learn to know as Pharmalogic.

Over the past 5 years, Pharmalogic have had an excellent response from care homes across the North West region. Our client portfolio has grown to such a level that we have created a dedicated division specifically focused to provide care home services.These changes were made to ensure we can move forward with the challenges faced by care homes, which are expected to only increase in the future. With our continued development towards all our customers’ being at the heart of all we do, we have realised the need to focus our services in a more specialised manner is the best way forward.

The Pharmalogic Promise

At present, Pharmalogic serve care and nursing homes across the whole of the North West region, from as far as: Meir in the South, to Kendal in the North; Colne in the East to Blackpool, Southport, and Liverpool, in the West. We serve smaller independent care homes to those within larger groups including 16 homes under Lancashire County Council control.

Our extensive and unrivalled experience in providing services to care and nursing homes is reflected in, our partnership with ‘Lancashire County Council’ care and nursing homes, our endorsement from ‘Lancashire Care Association’, and our position as Chair for the North West in the ‘Pharmacy Prime Advisory Board’; to this day, we remain the only chemist group across the country to hold all three prestigious affiliations.

For more information, download our brochure, or contact our specialist care home team – 01772 646 756 or at: info@pharmalogic.co.uk